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The Magical Properties and Uses of Vanilla and Cinnamon

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Vanilla and cinnamon are two of the most common scents used in spellwork. Their popularity can be traced back to the earliest rituals and sacraments.

Cinnamon Through the Ages

Cinnamon has a long medicinal and religious history, dating back to ancient times. In Egypt, the spice was used in the mummification process to preserve the body. In China, cinnamon was used for healing. Medieval physicians used cinnamon in medicines to treat coughing, hoarseness, and sore throats. Cinnamon was also valued for its anti-bacterial properties.

The spice is found in the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. Cinnamonum verum is considered the purest of the cinnamon species, while other species are more accurately referred to as "cassia." Their flavors are subtly different, but there is no magical difference between the two.

Both Cinnamonum verum and cassia species are associated with fire and the sun. They are used most commonly in spells for prosperity, love, success, protection, strength, and healing.

The History of Vanilla

Vanilla is a member of the orchid family. The plant is native to South and Central America and the Caribbean. Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world because its production is so labor-intensive. The yellowish-green flowers of vanilla grow as a clinging vine, reaching heights of up to 300 feet.

The first people believed to have cultivated vanilla were the Totonac tribe of Mexico. The Aztecs were introduced to vanilla when they conquered the Totonacs in the 15th Century. The Spanish later attained it when they conquered the Aztecs. The Aztecs considered vanilla a sacred herb and used it in ritual offerings, as a perfume and for medicine.

Vanilla is associated with water and Venus, and is commonly found in soothing, calming, personal empowerment, good luck, and love rituals. Vanilla incense is burned to attract love, increase sexual desire, and to improve the powers of the mind.

Using Cinnamon and Vanilla Incense

While it might seem that they are nearly opposites (fire and the sun versus water and Venus), these two herbs are often combined in spells for love and success.

Cinnamon incense is incorporated into many prosperity and money spells. It is known to raise the spiritual vibrations of a room, and can also be used to cleasne a sick room. It can also be used in protection rituals and spells to enhance your psychic abilities.

Finely ground woody spices such as cinnamon tend to burst into flame very quickly, so care should be taken when adding lose spices to a fire or  charcoal block.

Vanilla incense is commonly used in love and passion spells. It is known to enhance feelings of inner peace and comfort. Vanilla is also used to improve mental awareness and is a favorite of students.

Combined, the soothing and strengthening tendencies of vanilla and cinnamon make them excellent for use in healing rituals. Since they both have strong love associations, they are very helpful at drawing the one you desire to you.

Magical Oils

Cinnamon oil can be used to anoint the third eye area to bring alertness and clear thoughts. It is also useful as a dressing oil for candles, particularly in money spells. While it is a popular fragrance for scented candles, the act of anointing a candle can help strengthen the power of a ritual.

Vanilla oil is useful for love or money workings. A mixture of the two is often used to dress a green candle to attract prosperity and abundance.

If you have access to whole  sticks or beans, you can also use both of these spices in their natural form. Placing a stick of C. verum or cassia in a spell bag, sachet, or mojo bag helps add power to spells for success, healing, or money.

Carrying a vanilla bean can improve your energy and provide mental clarity. It can also be added to a mojo bag to improve your love life.

A Spell for Abundance

This spell is best performed during a waxing moon, to help draw things to you. To bring abundance into your life, carve the word "prosperity," "abundance," or "wealth," or a money-drawing sigil, into a  gold or dark green candle using a pin, ritual knife, or crystal point.

Dress the candle with a mixture of oils or extracts of both of these spices. Repeat the words:

"Money, money, come to me." 

Place a large coin in the bottom of a fireproof vessel, and set the candle on top. Light the candle, and allow it to burn down completely. Take the coin, wrap it in a square of green cloth, and keep it in your wallet as a money-drawing talisman.

Spices of all types have magical properties that go far beyond their traditional household uses. Both of these plants have been used for centuries to bring luck, love, money, and more. Their versatility and ease of use makes them great additions to your herb cabinet or altar.

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