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5 Powerful Spells to Attract Your Soulmate

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Powerful Spells to Attract Your Soul Mate

People always say that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but who wants to have to hunt through all of them to find their perfect match? If you do not want to go through relationships that fizzle out or dates that go nowhere, it is time for you to bring magic on your side. Love spells are a powerful, magical way for you to attract the perfect partner.

Most people can imagine their ideal partner. They might even already have a person in mind. Trying to use magic to attract a specific person can work, but it is usually much simpler to know the traits you want in a partner and work spells with those instead. Remember: your circle of people you know is small. Your ideal partner might still be a stranger. Ask for what you desire in another person, and let the universe bring your soulmate to you. 

Here are our favorite love spells:

1. Twin Flame Candle Ritual

Do this spell on a Friday, when the moon is waxing-going from new to full. Take a pair of figure candles that best represent you and your future partner, like a pink male and female image candle, or a hugging lovers candle. Write your name on the base of the candle that represents you. On the other, write the traits you want in a lover. Anoint both with Love oil or attar of roses. Place the candles together, and light. As they burn, their wax will mix and melt into one.

2. Tarot Love Spell

Take a tarot deck, and choose the card that best represents you (for example, The Hermit if you are a Virgo, or The Empress if you are a woman who wants a partner and child). Then, choose one to represent your future soul mate. On a small piece of paper, write your lover's ideal traits. Place the paper on the back of your soul mate's card, then place their card face-to-face with yours. Hold them together with a wooden clothespin, or red, white, and pink ribbons, wrap in a piece of pink silk anointed with Venus oil, and keep in your underwear drawer.

3. Sweet Candle Ritual

For this, take a Love Affirmations candle, and set it in a glass jar on an altar with a pink cloth, fresh roses, a heart-shaped dish of Come to Me incense, or whatever other love tokens you want. Write down your future lover's traits on a piece of paper, anoint it with Come to Me oil and tuck it under the candle. In front of it, place a dish filled with sugar, dried roses, cleavers, and lavender to sweeten your future lover's feelings and draw them to you. Light the candle, and let it burn all of the way down. When it is through, pour the mixture of herbs and sugar into the glass candle jar, and add clean water (melted snow is good for this). Allow it to sit for one day and one night, close it, and bury it somewhere safe.

4. Fresh Rose Spell

For this, take two fresh roses -- one red, one white. Cut each of them in half. Then, write your future lover's traits on a small piece of parchment in Dove's Blood ink. Tie the two roses together with a white thread, wrap them in the parchment, and toss into a moving stream or river.

5. Paper Doll Spell

Take a piece of pink or white paper, and cut out the shape of a person. It does not have to be fancy -- a simple "gingerbread" man or woman is fine. On one side, write the traits you want in a lover in red, pink, or Dove's Blood ink. Place the paper person on a dish, and place a Come to Me pillar candle on top. Around the base, sprinkle a mixture of sugar and hoodoo love herbs, like rose petals, damiana leaves, cubeb berries, and gentian root. Light, allow to burn, and bury the remains.

Finding a perfect lover is never easy. If you have been kissing a lot of frogs in search of your prince (or princess), these fast, simple rituals can help you in your search. With the right spells, a sincere desire, and a heart open to finding love, you can attract your perfect lover.

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