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Take Control Over Your Enemies

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Take Control Over Your Enemies

Have you ever had to deal with a rival in your workplace or social group? Is there someone who seems to do their best to make your life difficult, no matter what you do? Protection spells can help you avoid people like this, but, when things get serious, it's time to take control.

Here are some easy-to-use tools and techniques to help you gain command over your situation:

Perfumes and Sachet Powders

Magical fragrances can subtly affect your enemy's power. Some, like the Keep Away Enemies or Mile & Distance sachet powder, will protect you, but not the same way a protection spell does -- instead, it convinces your rivals to stay far away from you. Others, like I Can You Can't perfume, help you take control by gaining the upper hand in a situation. Other fragrances can make your enemies cower before you. Apply Dominante cologne before you see an enemy that you need to overpower.

Candle Magic

Candle magic is simple, but it is powerful. Inscribe the name of your rival on the base of a black male or female image candle, and burn it on an altar next to a representation of yourself or your goal. Each day, move the candle a bit further away from the representation. This is sympathetic magic that will help drive your enemies far away from you and the things you want to achieve. You can also write your request on a petition paper, anoint it with I Can You Can't oil, and place it under an I Can You Can't candle.

Sprinkling Powders

Some powders are better used sprinkled on your enemies or their belongings. A little I Can You Can't sachet powder on your rival's property is a great way to help yourself outshine them. Sprinkle some Hot Foot powder in your enemy's tracks or across their path to make them hightail it away from you.

Herb Magic

Slippery elm is an excellent herb for helping to stop slander and gossip -- add it to any spell where you need help controlling what your enemies whisper about you behind your back. Add a little calamus root to herb mixtures to command your enemies, or burn it as incense on charcoal during a spell.


Wearing the right amulet helps infuse you with the power to overcome those who would do you wrong. Wear a Confuse & Defeat Enemy amulet anointed with a little Confusion oil to twist their thoughts around and outwit them. Wearing a symbol of the Norse Helm of Awe helps strike fear into the hearts of your rivals.

Sometimes things are too late for a protection spell, but not dire enough for a revenge spell. If you find yourself struggling with people who keep messing with you, these tools and techniques can help you gain the upper hand, take command, or drive them away completely.

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