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​Soak up the Summer Solstice's Magic

In many magical traditions, the Sun is the symbol of success, prosperity, and even purity. It is what makes plants grow, and dispels all negative energy. The summer solstice is when the Sun is at the height of its power, so it is the perfect time to tap into this energy of abundance. These spells [...]

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Magical New Moon Rituals

Astronomically, the new moon refers to the time when zero percent of the moon's face is illuminated. It is the polar opposite of the full moon, and occurs when the moon's illuminated surface is turned away from Earth. In magic, this time is actually commonly called the "dark moon." The magical new moon happens just [...]

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​Spells To Transform An Enemy Into A Friend

There are loads of spells for protecting yourself from an enemy, getting unwanted people out of your life, and even reversing hexes, jinxes, and the evil eye. What if that is not your style? What if your enemy was once a friend, and you want to regain the friendship? What if you simply would rather [...]

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Making Spiritual Baths More Powerful

You have taken a bath and scrubbed up. You have re-filled your tub with fresh, warm water. You have even added a spiritual bath to the water. You are all ready to step in and absorb the life-changing energy, there is just one more thing: How can you make your spiritual or magical baths even [...]

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Using Bells for Cleansing and Protection

Experienced spiritual workers and magic practitioners often keep musical instruments on their altars. These could be anything from drums to singing bowls, but there is one specific instrument that you can find all over, in all sorts of religions and magical paths: bells. Bells are used to cleanse, protect, drive away evil, and more. If [...]

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Increase Your Chances of Success with These Spells

There are spells for health, spells for wealth, and spells for love. What can you do if you just want to succeed in getting the things you desire? When the ball is already rolling, sometimes all you need is a bit of a leg up -- and these success spells can help you get it.An [...]

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Herbs for Removing Hexes and Curses

Have you ever been hexed or cursed? You might have felt sad or anxious, plagued with nightmares, or just seemed to experience a severe streak of bad luck. It might have left you at the end of your rope, willing to do almost anything to break the spell and lift the jinx placed on you. [...]

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May 2022 Horoscopes By Jorge Obba

ARIES (March 21-April 19). This month you need to be aware that problems, negative situations and negative people are going to cause setbacks. Many of you will experience betrayal or may be involved in scandals and gossip. The spirits are telling you that you need to know when to take action, and when to retreat. [...]

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Lodestones for Money, Love and Success

Lodestones are an easy and potent tool for sympathetic magic. They come from natural magnetite and, like the name implies, attract and repel things just like magnets. You can use this ability to your advantage by working with lodestones to draw in money, love, luck, and whatever other blessings you seek.Taking Care of a Lodestone Like [...]

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