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November 2018 Horoscopes By Jorge Obba

ARIES (March 21-April 19). Love is in the air this month, Aries. Expect the unexpected regarding relationships and romance. Many of you have been patiently waiting for love and this month it may finally knock at your door. Money will also be flowing with much ease this month. Some of you will be rewarded at [...]

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Thanksgiving Rituals of Gratitude

It is the season for giving thanks, and there is no better way to do it than to create a ritual. The Divine -- whether you think of it as a god, many gods, the spirits in your life, or the energy of nature -- is responsible for all good things. Giving thanks is the [...]

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​How Do Day of the Dead and All Saints Day Compare?

All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead happen around the same time every year. Sometimes, those who celebrate these holidays talk about "the Days of the Dead." This is because they actually span November 1st and November 2nd. While the Days of the Dead fall on the Catholic holidays of All Saints Day [...]

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​Worshiping Santa Muerte

Santa Muerte, Our Lady of Holy Death, is more than a personification of death. Though she is not recognized by the Catholic Church, she is a powerful, ancient figure associated with protection, healing, and safe passage to the afterlife, as well as the guardian of the souls of the departed. Those who work at night [...]

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Spiritual Cleansing Rituals for the Fall

Autumn, when the weather cools and the leaves change color, is a time of vibrant change. There is no better way to celebrate the turning of the seasons than with a spiritual cleansing ritual. As the earth prepares itself to rest through the winter, prepare yourself by freeing yourself of negative energy and anything that [...]

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​Rituals to Improve Your Luck When Gambling

Who does not enjoy the thrill of gambling? (Especially when you win!) All throughout history, people have carried lucky charms and performed rituals designed to help improve their luck at the gambling table -- whether at cards, dice, or any other game of chance. These rituals have been with us for as long as gambling [...]

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October 2018 Horoscopes By Jorge Obba

ARIES (March 21-April 19). This month will find many of you very spiritually awakened. Your spirits are talking, and you better listen to them. Their messages are going to be on point. Justice will shine this month, and all those problems that were bothering you are going to pass. Beware of negativity and of people [...]

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A Beginners Guide To ​Hoodoo Rootwork

Hoodoo is a practice that combines traditional West African elements with Native American and European elements. It is also sometimes called rootwork, working the roots, or root doctoring, which shows the importance of magically and spiritually significant plants to rootworkers. Hoodoo may have some religious elements, but it is not a religion -- it is [...]

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​10 Ways to Use Florida Water

Florida Water is perhaps best known in its role as a perfume. With its bright, refreshing citrus scent, it's small wonder that it became known as the "most popular perfume in the world." There's more to this bright, crisp fragrance than its scent, however -- it's almost as popular as a metaphysical ingredient as it [...]

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