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Black Cat Magic

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Black Cat Magic

There are so many superstitions regarding black cats. It was said that when a witch died, they became a black cat. That’s why cats are so prevalent in Halloween culture. Some European and Western traditions believe black cats are bad luck. It is an omen, some believe, if a black cat crosses your path.

On the other hand, many cultures and traditions view black cats as lucky and a symbol of prosperity. In Hoodoo, the black cat symbolizes luck and protection. Some practitioners use black cat for reversing bad luck and money drawing spells – especially for gambling. It is thought by some that a black cat are shape shifters. That’s why it is important to treat black cats well and never harm it.

Candle Rituals

Pick a Candle that works for your desired outcome:

Use a knife to carve your name on the candle. You can also write your desired wish on it as well.

Anoint the candle with black cat oil and/or sachet powder.

Focus on your desired outcome and pray over it.

Light the candle while thinking about your goals.

Do this every night.

If your wish was to attract love or money, bury the wax near your home.

If your intention was to banish something, you should toss the wax in a trash far away from your home; preferably at a cemetery.

For fast cash, light a  7 day candle and recite the following prayer:

I invoke thee,
Gods of abundance,
Draw money and luck towards me,
May abundance flow freely in my life,
Now and forever.

Other Uses

  • Sprinkle black cat oil or sachet powder near front doors of homes for protection and removal of negative influences.
  • Sprinkle black cat sachet powder on your body to remove a hexed condition. 
  • To attract money and customers, spray  black cat spray in your office, especially near cash registers and tip jars.
  • Burn black cat incense during rituals to add a boost of power and magic and to protect against evil.
  • Wash your home or business with a  black cat floor wash. Start at the second floor and make your way down to the front door. This will seal a protection layer throughout your entire area. 
  • Light a black cat candle and take a spiritual bath to create an aura of health, wealth and spiritual protection.

The symbol of black cats conjures up many emotions. While some view it as bad luck, most see black cats as a symbol of luck and protection. Incorporate black cats whenever you need fast luck, money or spell reversals.