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What It Means When Your Candle Burns A Certain Way: Part 2

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What It Means When Your Candle Burns A Certain Way: Part 2

One of the most important facets in ritual and spellwork is the idea that everything is a sign of some kind. If something out of the ordinary happens during a ritual, even something mundane like the chirp of a bird or the movement of incense clouds, it can be a sign. Divination using a fire is called lychnomancy, and candles are a simple, inexpensive way to do it.

As we mentioned previously, watching a candle burn can give you a lot of insight. In the middle of a ritual, it can tell you what kind of energies are present, or how successful you are likely to be. Every waver, pop, or crackle has a meaning. Here are some other ways a candle can tell you what's going on in your spell:

A small, strong flame

As a rule, the smaller the burn, the less energy is present. During a candle spell, a low burn means that there is less energy fueling the spell itself. If it is steady, not weak or flickering, it is not a bad sign. It will usually grow as the ritual continues, showing you exactly how the energy increases and decreases. Your spell is working, but the low energy may make it take longer or be less effective.

A bright or tall flame

A high, steady burn means that there is a lot of energy going into the spell. It does not always mean the spell will be successful, but the results are likely to come quickly and powerfully.

A fire that "dances"

Some candles flicker, some move in a steady, dancing rhythm. If your candle's fire seems to dance, this is a sign that there is a lot of energy present -- but maybe not the kind you want. Unlike a flickering burn, a waving, dancing burn is a sign of high chaotic energy. If the fire is tall and bright, the spell's success will have a twist. If it is low or weak, it is likely to come with a lot of complications.

There are black bits in the melted wax

If the candle's wick "sheds" as it burns, it will leave small black crumbs in the wax. Even if the ritual works, these can signify that success will bring a lot of baggage with it -- a love spell might leave some broken hearts behind it, or a success spell might have unintended consequences. If you continue the ritual, be ready to do some cleaning up when you are done.

The smoke drifts toward you

If you are performing a ritual to draw something to you, like love or money, this is a good sign. It means that you are attracting what you seek. If you are performing a ritual to send something negative to someone else, like a hex or jinx, it is a very bad sign. You will not be able to get away from the consequences of your actions, and that negative energy is going to stick to you if you continue.

The smoke drifts away from you

This can be a sign of energy that is slipping away from you. In most spells, this is not a good sign -- it means that your working is not getting everything it needs to be successful. If you are sending positive energy outward, like in a healing spell, it may be a sign that the energy is flowing to where it needs to go. Watch the shape and color to interpret what it means.

There are no wax drips

This is a sign that everything has gone according to plan. The candle burns cleanly, and no mess remains. You can interpret the shape of wax drips for more information about your ritual, so a dripless candle means that the divine has nothing more to tell you right now.

Not everything is an omen. Sometimes, an untimely breeze or a damp wick can make a candle do things it normally wouldn't. Use your intuition, and keep your eyes open for other signs that your spells are working correctly.

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