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Candle Color Meanings

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Candle Color Meanings

When it comes to candle magic, the color of the candle is just as important as the ritual itself. Choosing the right color for your goal can mean the difference between good results and extraordinary ones. Colors hold different magical qualities and energy which are vital for a successful spell. Here are the most common colors and the meaning behind them.

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Red Candles – Love & Sex

The color red is firmly rooted in the physical world. It is the color of the 1 st chakra - the Root Chakra. This chakra represents grounding stable energy. The color meaning behind red candles is pleasure, passion and love. Red stimulates energy, vitality, fertility and personal power. When you light a red candle, you are are tapping into Scorpio energy as well as love, respect, power, quick action and survival.

Orange Candles – Creativity & Joy

Orange is the color of the 2 nd chakra – the Sacral Chakra. This chakra represents creativity and sensuality. Burn an orange candle to boost creativity, joy and ambition. Orange is a popular color for legal matters and swift justice. Orange can also increase energy and is often used for celebrations.

Yellow Candles – Clarity & Confidence

The candle color meaning of yellow is confidence, brainpower and intellect. It is the color of the 3 rd chakra, the Solar Plexus. This chakra represents personal power, freedom and authenticity. Light a yellow candle to access creativity, inspiration, concentration, logic, learning and action. The light of a yellow candle brings one closer to attaining the cheerfulness, endurance, stability and security.

Green Candles – Money & Success

Green is the color of success and abundance and is the color of the Heart Chakra. Light a green candle when you want to mediate and reflect on nature, growth, and healing. Green candles are often used for money, luck, success and health rituals. Green is also used to help heal relationships and emotional turmoil.

Blue Candles – Spirituality & Expression

Made from a primary spiritual color, blue candles are used in the examination of emotions (Saturn energy) and the attainment of calming wisdom and healing sleep. Blue is the color of the 5th chakra – the Throat Chakra. This chakra represents expression and truth. The meanings behind the color blue are loyalty, truth, expression, creativity and harmony. Burning a blue candle can influence dreams and emotions and are ideal for pursuing inspirational meditations.

Purple Candles – Intuition & Wisdom

The 6 th chakra – the Third Eye Chakra, is the color purple. Our third eye is the doorway to our intuition and divine wisdom. Burn purple candles to tap into that wisdom and enhance psychic powers. Purple is perfect for meditation, accessing your hidden powers, break a bad habit and drive evil away.

White Candles – Healing & Protection

The white candle represents the highest level of consciousness. It is the color of the 7th chakra, the Crown Chakra, which represents Universal life and energy. The color white represents purity, peace, harmony, truth, unity and spirit. Burn a white candle for protection, healing, purification and connecting to lunar energy. Since all colors are derived from pure white light, a white candle can be used as replacement for any other candle in many rituals and spells.

Black Candles – Protection & Banishing

The burning of a black candle is serious business. This is done when one wants to neutralize negative energies. The color black offers protection from illness, evil and the negative energy cast upon you from outside forces. Use black candles for banishing spells and healing unhealthy relationships. The black candle is also burned to harness the healing energy of the universe.

Pink Candles – Love & Friendship

The color pink manifests love, devotion, friendship and faith. Light a pink candle means to attract relationships, seek affection and heal emotional wounds. The color of universal love, pink represents the purest form of love -- unconditional and enduring.

Gold Candles – Success & Emotions

The gold candle embodies male energy and is used to achieve enlightenment. Gold is the very symbol of good fortune. It represents money, success, protection and victory over our troubles. The burning of a gold candle enhances communication with the universe as it attracts positive cosmic influences. Gold candles are recommended for use in rituals undertaken to gain personal power or fortune.

Brown Candles – Stability & Balance

Brown is the color of Earth. This color represents above all things balance and a firm connection to the land. Brown candles are used in rituals to regain balance, seek refuge from chaos, eliminate indecisiveness, find lost items and develop meaningful friendships. It can also be used for house blessings and any rituals involving pets.

Gray Candles – Neutralizing & Protection

Gray is a neutral color. It is useful to the practitioner when meditating on complex issues to gain wisdom. The gray candle has the power to offset negative influences without repercussions. The gray candle is used in the same manner that charcoal is used to flush poisons from the body.

Candle color magic is a very useful practice. By using the right candle color, you’ll be able to focus more deeply on your goals and access the colors power to make any ritual and spell a success.

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