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Cleanse Your Home With These House Blessing Spells

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Cleanse Your Home With These House Blessing Spells

Your surroundings can influence a lot of things in your life. Your home also picks up the energy of everyone (and everything) that comes through it. That means it is a good idea to periodically cleanse and bless your house, especially the entrance, exit, and common living areas where people spend the most time. It is especially important to do it when you move into a new home, after a death or illness, or when you feel like things are just not right. This will help get rid of the negative or stagnant energy, and make sure that only positive energy is allowed to remain.

Salt Circle House Cleansing and Blessing

Before you begin, thoroughly clean and declutter your home. Open the windows and let everything air out. Stand at your front door, with a small dish of sea salt or black salt. (Black salt is helpful if there has been a death, sickness, argument, or other negative energy that needs to be absorbed.) Walk around the perimeter of your home, sprinkling the salt so it forms a protective circle around your house. As you walk, say...

All negative energy and entities begone from this place.
Only blessings and good things shall enter and remain here.

When you have completed the circle, enter your home. Touch the front door, the wall, your stove, your bed, your bath, and all of the home's important features. As you do this, visualize your home filling with light and laughter, and say...

Only goodness and blessings remain here.
Let all who enter know rest and peace,
Faith, love, and hope to our near and dear.
Abundance, prosperity, joy, and strength,
All goodness and blessings remain here.

A Threefold House Blessing Spell

Start in the heart of your home -- usually the kitchen. If you like, you can begin by calling the four directions, your power animals, ancestors, deities, or guardian spirits to you for help and, if necessary, protection against unpleasant energies. Light a House Cleansing Custom Scented Candle, and carry it to your front door. Light a leaf of white sage, and begin to walk through each room of your house in a counterclockwise direction. (Do not forget the hallways!) Waft the smoke into every corner, and across every doorway and window. As you waft it across the doors and windows, say...

All negativity, be gone.
Only good may enter here.

For the next part, place the House Cleansing candle in the heart of your home, where you can keep an eye on it while you work. Take a little bit of House Blessing Sachet Powder, and sprinkle it from the front of your home to the back. As you do this, say...

I invite peace, love, light, and prosperity,
Only good things may enter and dwell with me.

Stand in the center of your home, and hold your hands out in front of you. Visualize the walls of your home shimmering with a protective, golden light, like a shield. When you can picture your entire house shrouded in this light, say...

By the power of the Divine,
Bless and protect me and mine.
No evil thing may enter here,
This space remains bright and clear.

Allow the House Blessing candle to burn out, or snuff and repeat the spell as many times as you like. You will know it has worked when the energy of your house feels light and airy again.

A House Blessing Spell

For this, begin in the room to the right of the front door. Sprinkle a pinch of sea salt in each corner, moving clockwise. Sprinkle a pinch in the doorway as well and, f there are windows, sprinkle some on the sill. Say...

Let evil and negativity flee this space,
And make this room a blessed place.
So shall it be.

Continue through each room in a clockwise direction, until the whole home has been salted. Then, take a white candle and a bottle of rose oil. Light the candle and carry it into each room as you did before. Anoint the windows and doors with the rose oil, as you say...

Bless this home and all who enter,
Bless it from floor to ceiling,
And wall to center.

Light a stick of rose incense. Picture any negativity being carried away on the smoke as it wafts through your home. When the candle has burned to a stub and the incense to a stick, take the spell remains, anoint them with a drop of rose oil, and bury them near the front door. Stand in your doorway, facing into your home. Say...

This space is clear, this spell is done,
For the highest good, with harm to none.
So it shall be!

Sometimes, your home can begin to feel heavy or uncomfortable. Performing a house cleansing and blessing is an excellent way to put everything right, by removing negative or unwanted energy and lifting up the vibrations of your space. Even if you have lived there for decades, a house cleansing can make your home feel bright and new again.

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