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Your Guide to Spiritual Spring Cleansing

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Your Guide to Spiritual Spring Cleansing

A fresh breeze is blowing, the air is warming up, and new leaves and flowers are bursting to life all over. It is spring, the season of fresh starts and sprouting seeds, when we prepare ourselves for all of the good things the rest of the year holds. If you are ready to align your energy with the fresh, bright promise of the season, try these rituals:

Out with the Old

There is a reason why spring cleaning is a tradition. After keeping our homes closed up during the cold winter, it is time to open them and let everything air out. Remove clutter, discard or donate the things that are no longer useful, and stir up all of the dust and old, stagnant energy that has been sitting around. Even if you have never tried an energy cleansing before, you can start by engaging in a thorough cleaning of your home.

After your house has been physically cleaned, cleanse the space by working on the energy in whatever way feels right to you. You can try lighting a bundle of white sage or some palo santo, and carrying it clockwise through your home. You can also place a charcoal briquette in a fireproof incense burner filled with sand, and add cleansing herbs and resins. (Bay leaves, frankincense, and dragon's blood make a beautiful, energetically potent combination.) Let the smoke drift over you, crystals, candles, or any other spiritual tools you have to cleanse and refresh them.

Bring Spring In

Allowing the energy of the season into your home is a wonderful way to connect with its refreshing, uplifting vibe. Find a small table or other space that will not be disturbed, and set it with colors and tools that evoke the equinox. Start with a green or yellow altar cloth. Place a vase with bright, fresh seasonal flowers and greenery in the center. Around it, place a yellow candle, an incense holder, jasmine incense, and a bell, chime, or singing bowl. Every evening, take a moment to light the candle and the incense, and ring the bell, bowl or chime once. Let this altar be a place where you can come to relax, renew yourself, and focus your rituals to bring in the things you want to manifest in the coming year.

Take a Flower Bath

When you have cleansed and prepared your space, bring that light energy into yourself with a ritual bath. Gather skin-friendly fresh flowers (roses and violets are good), and some 13 Rayos del Sol Herb Bath. Fill your bathtub, add the herb bath, and float the flowers on the surface of the water. Ask your deities or spirit guides to help cleanse and lift your spirit, and step into the water. Completely immerse yourself, and allow your skin to soak up the bright, positive energy. When you are ready, step out of the tub. Find a sunny place to sit and relax, and allow yourself to air dry in the warm light.

Set Your Intentions

After you have cleansed your house, set up an equinox altar, and taken a ritual bath, unburden your spirit by setting your intentions for the coming year. Sit down by your altar, or any other bright, sunny, springy place that calls to you. With a quill pen and some parchment, make a list of all of the things you want to manifest this year. Fold the parchment up, set it on your altar or in another safe place, and set a quartz crystal or citrine point on top of it to direct your requests out to the universe. Depending on your intention, you may wish to burn Spiritual Cleansing Custom candle, some herbs or incense to lend energy to your ritual -- like lavender for clarity, for example. Leave some fresh fruit or flowers as an offering (do not forget to change it regularly) and say a few words of thanks when you are done.

Springtime is the ideal season for rituals to cleanse and uplift yourself, and set your intentions and goals for the rest of the year. This time of year is when seeds open into new life, and harnessing that powerful energy of growth is an excellent way to help you achieve your spiritual goals.

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