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Anima Sola for Love, Money and Protection

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Anima Sola for Love, Money and Protection

Anima Sola is one of the most striking and recognizable Catholic figures. Recognized in Catholicism, Voodoo, and Santeria, she is typically depicted as a solitary woman engulfed in flames. The name "Anima Sola" can be translated to "lonely soul," and, while she is a very mysterious figure, there is a lot of tradition behind her.

Who was Anima Sola?

In some retellings, the original Anima Sola was a woman named Celestina Abdégano. In Jerusalem, there were women who brought water to people who were crucified. As Jesus Christ was dying, this duty fell to Celestina. She offered a drink to Dismas and Gestas, the two thieves crucified alongside Jesus, but did not give one to Jesus himself. In other retellings, Celestina refuses to fetch water for Jesus out of fear. In both cases, it is said that Celestina was condemned to solitude in purgatory for this.

In truth, nobody is certain who the Anima Sola was. Some depictions show the figure as a woman, others as a man. Prayers to Anima Sola likely have their roots in the practice of praying to help souls in purgatory. Over time, Anima Sola has become syncretized with the Eshu Alaguana, and evolved into a distinct figure that can help with issues related to love, money, and protection.

Petitioning Anima Sola for Love

Since Anima Sola suffers from loneliness, it makes sense to ask her for help alleviating yours. For help with your love life, light an Anima Sola prayer candle. In front of this, place a photo of your lover (or intended lover). If you are single, you can write a list of traits you desire in a partner and use that instead.

As the candle burns, ask Anima Sola to aid you:

"Anima Sola, wanderer of the world,
Soul tasked with aiding the unfortunate everywhere you go,
Relieve my despair and bring my heart peace.
I desire [state your need here -- whether it is a new lover, or a stronger connection to your existing lover],
And it grieves my heart greatly.
Help me, Anima Sola,
And bring my love to my side."

Asking Anima Sola for Money Help

If you are suffering from money woes, you can also petition Anima Sola for aid. In this case, you may wish to work with an image -- either a statue or a prayer card. You can use the statue alone, or along with a green candle anointed with Money Drawing oil, a hand-carved Money Drawing candle, or a dish with Money Drawing incense.

Light the candle and incense, if appropriate, and say:

"Anima Sola,
You who aids all of the needy and despairing,
I am suffering from money problems.
Please, help me in my time of need,
And, when I am financially secure again,
I will use my money to help others in need.
Help me to take care of my bills,
And achieve financial success.
Thank you for being with me, Anima Sola.

Prayers to Anima Sola for Protection

If you need protection from enemies or evil forces, Anima Sola can help. You may wish to work with protective talismans,  candles, and other tools that can drive away evil and make enemies keep their distance. If you are not sure which will work best for your situation, you can also use a red or white candle dressed with Protection oil.

Light the candle. If you have a protective talisman, place it in front of you. Say:

"Anima Sola,
I am beset by enemies and evil forces.
Guard me from sin, wickedness, and all evil things.
Give me strength to resist temptation,
And protect me from those who would do me harm.
Drive away those who wish to see me fail.
Anima Sola, make my heart strong and my soul steadfast.
Thank you."

If you wish, you can carry an image of Anima Sola with you. Hold it and repeat this prayer any time you are in need of protection.

Anima Sola understands suffering, and her mission is to help other souls in need. It is important to return the favor -- pray to help people in need and use your money and strength to help those who have less than you. As long as your desires are sincere, and you want things to happen for the highest good, Anima Sola can aid you.

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