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3 Great Candle Spells To Welcome In The New Year

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3 Great Candle Spells To Welcome In The New Year

Because the new year is associated with making resolutions and creating new beginnings, it is a great idea to perform a candle spell to bring in the new year. Here are a few spells to help you start your year off right:

A Zodiac New Year's Spell

Each part of the year is ruled by one of the signs of the zodiac. You can perform a spell to help you set intentions and manifest the reality you want by tapping into the energy of each of these signs. For example:

  • Aries is associated with new projects and inspiration.
  • Taurus is associated with material goods and prosperity.
  • Gemini is associated with messages, news, and communication.
  • Cancer is associated with relationships.
  • Leo is associated with creativity, freedom, and good luck.
  • Virgo is associated with organization and community.
  • Libra is associated with balance and harmony.
  • Scorpio is associated with sex, death, and magic.
  • Sagittarius is associated with science, curiosity, and spirituality.
  • Capricorn is associated with fame, success, and accumulating power.
  • Aquarius is associated with renewal.
  • Pisces is associated with emotions and the soul.

Place an image of the wheel of the zodiac on your altar, a table, or another safe place. (You can also use a circle divided into twelve equal "slices," with each zodiac sign written or drawn in its slice.) Place a white candle at each section, for a total of twelve. Take some time to think about the meaning of each sign, and what you would like to use that energy to bring in. When you are ready, write down your first desire in the first (Aries) section. Say...

Gods, Spirits, and Ancestors,
Of you I ask,
Perform for me,
A simple task.
Bring to me,
The [desire] I seek.
As I will,
So must it be.

Light the candle. Continue around the wheel, writing, chanting, and lighting the candles in order until every section is completed. When all of the candles are lit, say...

On New Year's Eve,
I bless this year.
That all I wish for,
May be brought here.
My prayer is said,
For the year to come.
The spell is complete,
So let it be done!

Snuff the candles.

A Candle Visualization Spell

Place a New Year's candle on your altar, or in another safe place. Take a moment to clear you mind, light the candle, and say...

As I light this flame,
I brighten the way,
For the new year to come,
With the break of day.
I bid the old year farewell,
With gratitude,
And welcome the new,
That I may be renewed.
I take a moment now,
To guide my path.
To create a year,
Of fortune that lasts.

Pause here, close your eyes, and picture the kind of things you want in the new year. Do you want a new relationship, job, or home? Imagine yourself succeeding, seeing your desires bathed in a warm, golden, magical light. When you feel confident, continue by saying...

These are my wishes,
For this new year.
For only luck, love, success, and joy,
May enter and be welcome here.

Allow the candle to burn out, or snuff and re-light it for a few moments every day. Go celebrate the turning of the year knowing that your desires are on their way to you.

A New Year's Prosperity Charm

Many rituals for this time of year involve bringing in more abundance in the year to come. You can create a prosperity charm using a green mojo bag, some cinnamon, some five finger grass, a coin, and a New Year's candle.

Mix the cinnamon and five finger grass in a bowl, stirring in a clockwise direction using your dominant hand. Both of these are potent prosperity herbs in many traditions, frequently used to attract money and luck. When they are mixed, place some in the mojo bag. Squeeze the bag gently to release some of the rich, spicy fragrance. Place the coin inside, and tie it securely. Hold it in your hands, breathing the scent, and visualize abundance coming to you.

Light the candle and hold the moo bag in your dominant hand. Feel the energy and excitement growing around you. Hold out your non-dominant hand, and picture some of this energy traveling to your hand, through you, and into the bag. When the energy has reached its peak and the clock strikes midnight, clasp the bag in both hands and make a wish for a happy new year.

Every culture has its own rituals to ensure a good new year, even if they might not celebrate it on the same day you do. Prepare yourself for a fantastic year by clearing your mind, setting your intentions, and performing one of these candle spells.

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