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Increase Your Chances of Success with These Spells

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Increase Your Chances of Success with These Spells

There are spells for health, spells for wealth, and spells for love. What can you do if you just want to succeed in getting the things you desire? When the ball is already rolling, sometimes all you need is a bit of a leg up -- and these success spells can help you get it.

An Easy Candle Spell for Success

In some traditions, Thursday or Sunday are considered the best days for spells and rituals related to luck and success. You can either perform this spell on one of those days, or use them to prepare a candle that you can burn when you need to.

For this spell, you will need:

Take the candle out of its holder. Using the pin, knife, or crystal, inscribe it with symbols and words related to success. You might use the image of a sun, the planetary symbol for Jupiter, or whatever resonates with you. Anoint it with the oil by holding the candle horizontally, placing one drop in the middle, and rubbing it upwards, toward the wick, while turning the candle in a clockwise direction. Flip the candle and repeat the process, rubbing it downward toward the base. Finish by rolling or dusting the candle with the sachet powder or dried herbs. Place it back in its holder.

Next, hold the candle in both hands. Visualize it filling with the warm, golden light of success. Picture all of the things success means to you, and how your life might be different if everything went your way. When you feel the candle holds as much energy as it can, set it somewhere until you are ready to use it.

When you need to burn it, you can either burn a little bit every day for seven days, or allow it to burn completely (snuffing it every time you have to leave it unattended). Bury the remains near your front door to attract success in all you do.

A Ritual Bath for Success

Taking a magical bath for success is very helpful if you are going into a situation where you want an advantage -- like meeting a new partner for the first time, interviewing for a job, or asking for a raise. Do this before you leave.

First, make sure that you are physically clean. Magical baths might use soap, but they are more about absorbing energy than removing dirt. Next, fill your bathtub or a basin with warm, fresh water. Sprinkle a handful of Success bath salt into it, and stir it clockwise with your dominant hand. Chant:

"Success will come to me today.
Everything will go my way."

When the salt has dissolved, step into the bath or basin. Wash yourself (or just your hands if you are using a basin) with Success soap. If you can, fully immerse yourself in the bathwater to absorb its energy. Otherwise, use a cup or your hands to splash the water over as much of yourself as possible. When you feel prepared, vibrant, and lucky, step out of the tub and let yourself air-dry.

A Success Spell Jar

Spell jars are like magical batteries. They work long term to attract what you desire. You can make one for general success, or success in a specific endeavor like love, career, or schooling.

You will need:

Making a spell jar is easy. First, smoke cleanse the inside of the jar using the incense. Next, add each of the herbs and stones you wish to use. As you place each one in the jar, tell it what you want it to do (for example, "Irish moss, bring me long-term success and growth. Pyrite, bring me luck.") and thank it for its help. When the jar is full, hold your dominant hand over it. Push energy from your palm into the jar. If this is difficult, visualize the jar as filling with a glowing light. When the jar feels full, stop and shake out your hand to break the connection. Close the jar securely.

Light the candle and place the jar in front of it. When the candle has melted enough, pour the wax over the lid of the jar to seal it. (If you like, you can also inscribe the wax on the lid with success symbols once it has hardened.) Allow the candle to burn completely. Bury the remains near your front door, and place the spell jar in a safe spot. Periodically pick it up and visualize it re-filling with glowing energy, to keep it fresh.

Sometimes, all our lives need is a little push in the right direction, or a lucky break. Success spells can help you by allowing you get what you want more often. You can do one or all three of these workings, and repeat them as often as you need.

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