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​Saint Jude for Hope, Healing and Health

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Saint Jude for Hope, Healing and Health

Are you in a situation that seems hopeless? You might feel like you need to achieve the impossible, or as if happiness is unreachable. Remember: You are not alone. Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes, and you can petition him for aid with just about anything.

Who was Saint Jude?

Saint Jude was originally a farmer, who eventually became one of Jesus' twelve Apostles. One story tells of Saint Jude visiting the King of Edessa, who was sick with leprosy -- a highly infectious, disfiguring, and invariably deadly disease at the time. The saint brought the king a portrait of Jesus. Unbeknownst to the king, Jesus had touched the cloth to his face. As soon as the King of Edessa saw the portrait, his leprosy was miraculously cured. Word soon spread far and wide of Saint Jude's powers to heal the sick. Since leprosy was also impossible to cure, he became the patron saint of hope and desperate situations.

Calling Upon Saint Jude for Hope in Love

One old charm describes asking Saint Jude and Saint Simon for help in discovering your true love. You will need an apple, a sharp knife, a pink candle, some Saint Jude oil, and some Saint Jude incense. Dress the candle with the oil, and light it. Light the incense with the candle's flame, and sit before it with the knife in one hand and apple in the other. Say,

"Saint Simon and Saint Jude,
Upon your kindness I intrude,
With this peel, to discover,
The first letter of my own true lover."

Begin peeling the apple from either the top or bottom. You need to peel it completely in one piece, leaving a long, unbroken peel. Once you've removed the skin from the apple, throw it over your shoulder. Wait a moment, then turn and look. The letter that the skin forms where it lands is said to be the first letter of your true love's name.

You can continue to use this candle for matters related to attracting your true love. Ask the saint for help drawing your love to you, and, when the candle is burned away, dispose of the remnants near your front door.

Petitioning the Saint for Healing

Saint Jude's reputation as a healer means that he is perfect to call on for help with injuries or illness. A saint's help is no substitute for medicine, but they can still work to guide the hands of doctors and turn a desperate situation around.

Start by cleansing your home -- especially sickrooms -- with Saint Jude bath & floor wash. Since you want to remove illness from your life, begin mopping at the back of your home, and work toward the front. Place a white Saint Jude candle in the sickroom or, failing that, the heart of your home. Anoint it with a few drops of Saint Jude oil, and light it. Say,

"Saint Jude Thaddeus, patron saint of causes that seem lost,
I come to you now to ask for your intercession, for I know that nothing is truly impossible with divine help.
Intercede with the Heavenly Father, that He might bring assistance where it is most needed.
[Describe your problem here.]
I will always remember this kindness and mercy, and shall forever be devoted to you.

You may wish to anoint a Saint Jude necklace or medal with a drop of the oil, and wear it or place it on the person in need of healing.

Allow the candle to burn out, and dispose of the remains far from your home.

A Petition for Monetary Help

Sometimes, what seems impossible is not really impossible -- it just requires more money than you might have. If you know how much money you need, inscribe it in the wax of a green Saint Jude candle. Dress it with Saint Jude oil and a sprinkle of sachet powder. Light the candle, and request the saint's help. Explain why you need financial assistance, and ask him to intercede with God on your behalf.

Allow the candle to burn completely. Bury the remains near your front door to attract money to you. If your situation is very urgent, wear Saint Jude perfume every day until help arrives.

Healing and Hope with Saint Jude

You may wish to make room for this powerful saint in your life. You can set up an altar in a place of honor in your home, with a prayer card or statue of Saint Jude, a cloth, incense, and a white Saint Jude candle. Keep the altar tidy and change the water daily. When you are in desperate need of hope and healing, light the candle and incense and ask the saint for his assistance.

Saint Jude can aid with the impossible. His assistance may not come as a sudden windfall -- saints often help those who help themselves -- but he is no less powerful. If you are in a desperate situation and do not know who else to ask, petitioning him for help can quickly turn things around for you.

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