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Rituals and Spells To Make Your Lover Stay

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Rituals and Spells To Make Your Lover Stay

If you are like most people, you want devotion from your lover. If you are loyal to someone, it stands to reason that they should be loyal to you. Unfortunately, human nature means that people often stray. That is why there are so many spells and rituals out there to make your lover stay and be devoted solely to you. Here are a few simple ones to try:

A Devotion Candle Spell

For this, all you'll need is a photo of your lover, some Follow Me oil, and a red candle. For best results, use a male or female image candle and write your lover's name on the base.

For best results, perform this spell on a Friday during a waxing moon. Start by holding the candle in both hands, and visualizing your lover being totally, hopelessly in love and devoted to you. Anoint the candle with the oil, using slow, sensual strokes. Set it on top of your lover's photo, and say...

With this flame,
I ignite your desire.
When I speak your name,
You feel the heat of my fire.
You will be devoted to me,
This is my will, so it shall be.

Light the candle. Allow it to burn completely. If you have to leave the candle unattended, snuff the flame, and repeat the chant and re-light the wick when you return. Once the candle has burned away, bury the spell remains in your back yard.

A Faithfulness Jar Spell

For this spell, you will make a jar to hold your power and bind your lover to you. You will need:

Anoint the corners of the photo with the oil, and place it in the jar. Add a pinch of catnip, and say...

We are in love, and you are drawn to me.
This is my will, so it shall be.

Add some of the rose buds and petals, and say...

We are in love, and you will never stray.
This is my will, all rivals go away.

Add the jasmine flowers, and say...

We are in love, and I have all of your desire,
I have your heart, your love, and your passionate fire.

Screw the lid onto the jar. Light the candle. As the wax melts, pour it over the lid of the jar to seal it. Dispose of the candle's remains by burying them in your back yard, and keep the jar somewhere safe.

Caraway Seeds

For this, all you will need are some caraway seeds. In folklore, these were used to prevent theft -- even of a lover. To keep your partner faithful, you should give them food or drink with caraway in it.

Try steeping some cinnamon, Chinese star anise, and a few caraway seeds in red wine, and offering it to your lover. If they do not drink wine, you can use a red tea (like hibiscus) instead. As you steep the herbs, stir the potion with a spoon held in your dominant hand and visualize you and your lover happy together.

A Seven Day Candle Spell

To perform this spell, you are going to need:

  • A photo of you
  • A photo of your lover
  • A wooden clothespin (the kind without a metal spring)
  • A Tame Him candle.
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen

Start this spell seven days before a full moon. Place your photo and your lover's photo face-to-face, and fasten them together with the wooden clothespin. On the paper, write your desire for your lover to love you and only you. Place the photos and the paper beneath the candle.

On the first night, light the candle. Say...

[Your lover's name], love me and me alone.
Never will you stray from my bed and home.
With this flame, I feed your desire.
You will feel the heat of my fire.
Your heart and body are bound to me,
This is my will, so it will be.

Allow the candle to burn partway, then snuff it. Repeat this for seven nights. On the seventh night, allow the candle to burn away completely. Bury the paper and remains of the candle in your back yard, and keep the photos of you and your lover in your lingerie or underwear drawer.

You can be the world's greatest partner, but sometimes it takes a little something extra to outshine romantic rivals and keep your lover's eyes on you. These spells can help you keep your partner faithful, ensuring that they always return home.

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