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What It Means When Your Candle Burns A Certain Way: Part 3

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What It Means When Your Candle Burns A Certain Way: Part 3

During a spell or ritual, the way your candle burns can tell you a lot. Everything from how much energy is going into a spell, to how likely it is that you will receive what you ask for, can show up in your candles. There are still more ways you can use your candles' wax and flames to see what is influencing your spells.

The Sides of the Vigil Candle

Vigil candles usually have a design on either the candle or the glass holder itself. If you are working with a candle that does not, you may wish to choose and mark an area to act as the front.

The front of the candle is the material world. In prosperity workings, it is money. In healing, it is physical health. In protection, it is your home or people you wish to protect.
The back is the spirit, mental, and emotional world. Anything related to these invisible energies is represented here.
The left side is the past. No matter whether it is distant or recent, it is represented here.
The right side is the future. It is what will likely happen if no changes are made.

With this in mind, you can read these signs in your rituals:

Remains in the Candle

If leftover wax sticks to the sides of the candle described above, make a note of where on the candle they are. Wax, glitter, herbs, or other candle remains stuck to the side of the glass can mean that there is unfinished business in this area. You may need to do more work to resolve the difficulties that remain there.

If the candle leaves a lot of glitter, roots, stones, or herbs behind, it may have been overloaded. More is not always better when you are dressing or loading a candle! If only a few remain, you can read their shapes to see what you are able to divine.

Black or White Soot

White soot represents spiritual help, while black soot represents challenges. If black soot appears near the top of the candle and turns white further down, it means the challenge was overcome. If black soot appears near the bottom, it means that a challenge has interrupted your working. On the other hand, white soot near the bottom means that your spell was helped by spirits, and is likely to succeed.

Look for areas of soot on specific sides of the candle holder. These show specific areas where help or challenges may arise.

Blue Flames

Blue is the color of the spirit. A flame that burns blue has a lot of spiritual energy pouring into it -- keep an eye out for white soot to see where spiritual help is likely to manifest!

Red or Yellow Flames

Red is the color of the mundane world. If your flames burn red or yellow, it means that your working is being powered by regular, worldly energy.

Flickering Flames

Flames can flicker in different directions. If yours does, first check for drafts. If there are none, you can read the flickering.

If it flickers toward the north, it is for a mundane reason, not a spiritual one.
To the east, it means that the mental aspects of your spell will be successful.
To the south, it means that there is a lot of physical power in your ritual.
To the west, it means that there is a lot of emotional energy involved.

Fast Burning Candles

There are two ways in which a candle can burn down quickly. If it burns unevenly, it indicates that something was not right -- try performing your spell or ritual another time. If it has a controlled, even, fast burn, it means your spell was successful.

Next time you burn a candle, keep an eye on more than the flame itself -- the wax and candle remains can tell you a lot about your likelihood of success.

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