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Open Up Your Road With These Spells and Rituals

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Open Up Your Road With These Spells and Rituals

Your life should be an open road, with every possibility in front of you. If you have been feeling stuck or confined in your current situation, it may be time for you to remove the energies that are holding you in place. These road opening spells can free you from these obstacles and allow you to move forward into your best life:

Road-Opening Bath Spell

The easiest way to remove obstacles from your life is to literally wash them from you. For this spell, you will need:

First, set the white candles on either side of a bath tub or large basin. Next, fill the tub or basin with fresh, clean water. Add the Road Opening Bath according to the instructions, and mix it with the water with your dominant hand. Light the candles.

Step into the bath, or take the basin into the shower with you. If you are using a tub, fully immerse yourself in the water. If you are in the shower, use a cup to pour the Road Opening Bath water over every part of your body. As you do this, ask your guardian angels, deities, ancestors, and spirit guides to clear the obstacles from your path and open your road.

When you are through, step out of the bath and allow yourself to air dry. Do not drain the bathwater. You can either snuff the white candles, or allow them to burn away completely. When you dress yourself, dress in pure white clothing. Take the leftover bathwater and remains of the candles to a crossroads. Dispose of the candles and some at the crossroads itself, while praying for help to open your road, and pour the rest out toward the four directions.

Open Road Candle Spell

This is a simple candle and herb spell you can use when you feel stuck in life. You will need:

Set the candle in a safe place. In front of it, place the parchment, writing utensil, bottle of oil, and container of sachet powder.

Light the candle. As it begins to burn, write "Open Roads" on the parchment paper three times. Turn the paper 1/4 turn in a clockwise direction, and write your name three times, across the words "Open Roads." Anoint the four corners of the parchment with the Open Road oil. Lay the parchment in front of the candle, and sprinkle it with the sachet powder. Hold your hands over the parchment, and pray to your deities, angels, and guides for help opening your road.

Allow the candle to burn completely. When it is finished, take the spell remnants and dispose of them near a crossroads.

Elemental Road Opening

Many magical systems have workings similar to road opening. This elemental spell works in a very similar way to remove blocks and crossed conditions from your life. You will need something to represent each of the elements, like:

Place each item on a flat surface. The earth object should be placed to the north, air to the east, water to the west, and fire to the south.

Begin by holding the crystal or bowl of soil. Ask the element of earth to help you break down any obstacles in your path.

Light the incense. Ask the element of air to blow away any obstacles in your path.

Touch the water, shell, or water crystal. Ask the element of water to wash away any obstacles in your path.

Light the candle. Ask the element of fire to burn away any obstacles in your path. Say...

By the elements gathered before me,
Open my road, set me free.
Lend your strength and power to me,
As I will it, it must be.

Take a moment to picture yourself moving freely and happily through life, with nothing in your way. Pray to your guardian spirits and gods for help becoming unstuck.

When you feel ready, thank the elements and the spirits around you for their help. Allow the candle to burn completely. If you have to leave it, snuff it and relight it when you return. Dispose of the candle, soil, water, and incense ashes at a crossroads. Save any crystals, shells, or other objects, and cleanse them thoroughly using sunlight or fresh, running water.

Living with a blocked life path is frustrating. It can feel like you are stuck in a car that is spinning its wheels -- spending lots of effort, but not going anywhere. These road opening spells can help put things right again, allowing you to travel freely through life.

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