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Ritual Floor Washing For Cleansing, Attraction, and Protection

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Ritual Floor Washing For Cleansing, Attraction, and Protection

Floor, window, and door washing is a major part of many magical systems. It works in multiple ways. The first is by ensuring that the home is physically clean, which removes stagnant energies and negative influences. It also acts through sympathetic magic, as the action of mopping either draws energy in or pushes it out as needed. Lastly, it uses the energy of herbs, salt, water, and other ingredients to bring about a desired outcome. It is also a very easy form of magic to learn and use.

Step 1: The Physical Cleaning

Nobody feels good in a cluttered, dirty home. That is why it is important to physically clean any area that will be ritually washed. Ritual washes are not soaps -- they are not intended to remove dirt and grime. Before you can work with the energy of a space, you must first remove all of the things that are holding old energy patterns in place. For most people, that means unwanted items that need to be donated or thrown away, dust, and piles of clutter.

For floors, physical cleaning is sweeping, vacuuming, or even thoroughly mopping with soap and hot water. For windows, you will want to clean them inside and out, wash curtains and blinds, and open everything up for a bit to allow air and light to flow in freely. For doors, you should give them a wipe down with soap and hot water (especially areas like knobs, which people touch often), and thoroughly sweep or wash your porch, front steps, and the area just inside the door.

Step 2: Your Intention

After the physical cleaning, you can work on your desire. Do you want to chase evil or negative influences out of your home, or bring good things in? In some cases, you may want to do both -- performing a spiritual cleansing followed by a ritual to draw in blessings helps you make room for good things in your life, then ensure that that space is filled by what you want.

Step 3: The Ritual Washing

For this, you may wish to use a prepared floor wash. That way, the work of choosing, steeping, and straining herbs is done for you. All you need to do is add the wash to a bucket of fresh, clean water, and mop your floors, wash your windows, or wipe your door. Here are different ways to use these washes to bring about your desire:

A General Spiritual Cleansing

It is a good idea to get in the habit of periodically giving your surroundings a good energetic clearing out. You can use Saint Clara or Kreso/Jaze floor wash in a gallon of cold water for this. Mop your floors from the back of your home to the front, in order to push out all of the energies you no longer want. Be sure to wipe your windows and front and back doors, as well. When you are through, take the remaining wash water outside, and throw it toward the east.

After this, you may wish to use a second wash to attract luck, prosperity, or love.

Attract Money and Prosperity

This works a little bit differently. Like the above ritual, you will add Prosperity or Money Drawing floor wash to fresh water. In this case, you will mop your floors from the front toward the back. This allows you to draw prosperity in, and keep it in your home.

You may also use this to wash your front door. This will invite new opportunities to you.

Attract Good Fortune

If you have cleansed your surroundings and want to bring luck and blessings in, you can use a wash for that. Ruda, 7 African Powers, and Chinese floor wash are all useful for bringing in good things, from good fortune, to love, to money. Add one to a gallon of fresh water, and mop your home from the front to the back.

Remove a Curse, Hex, or Jinx

Add Uncrossing or Jinx Removing floor wash to a gallon of fresh water, and mop your home from the back to the front. Be sure to include your front steps or porch, since some use these areas as a way to curse others. This will force the jinx to exit the way it came in. When you are through, take the remaining wash water outdoors and throw it to the east. It is best if you do this at sunrise, so the rising sun can destroy any lingering malevolent energy.

Remove a Spirit

Floor washes can even chase away spirits. If you are plagued by an unwanted ghost or other entity, use Ghost Chaser floor wash. Mop your home from the back to the front, and discard the wash water toward the east.

Protect Your Space

After removing a negative influence, you should ward your home to keep it away and make sure another one does not try to take its place. Saint Michael floor wash protects from all evil influences. Add it to fresh water, and mop your home from the back to the front. Make sure that you also wash all of your windows, doors, and mirrors -- anything that can act as a way for unwanted entities to gain entrance to your home.

Ritual washing is an easy way to use the power of herbs and minerals to get rid of the energy that you do not want, and bring in the things that you do. With these floor washes, you can keep your home's energy fresh, bright, healthy, and able to attract the blessings you desire.

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