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​Spells To Transform An Enemy Into A Friend

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Spells To Transform An Enemy Into A Friend

There are loads of spells for protecting yourself from an enemy, getting unwanted people out of your life, and even reversing hexes, jinxes, and the evil eye. What if that is not your style? What if your enemy was once a friend, and you want to regain the friendship? What if you simply would rather make friends than have to go on the defensive?

You are in luck. Depending on how forceful you want to be, there are loads of spells you can use to transform an enemy into a friend.

1. Make a sweetening jar.

Sweetening jars are used to "sweeten" situations or people. If you want to go the gentle route, you can make a jar tied to your enemy, to help sweeten their disposition toward you. Making a sweetening jar is very simple. All you need is:

  • A vessel with a lid, like a jar or bottle with a wide mouth.
  • Sugar or honey.
  • Something belonging to your enemy. This can be a photo of them, a lock of their hair, nail clippings, or even a scrap of fabric from their clothing. If all else fails and you have nothing else, write their full name on a slip of paper.
  • Herbs and crystals for peace, friendship, and platonic love. Marjoram is helpful, as are rose buds (especially white and yellow ones), lavender flowers, and rose quartz.

Clean the vessel and lid thoroughly. Add the target's photo, name paper, or other personal items to the empty jar. Follow with whatever herbs, crystals, or other items you choose. As you add each, speak your intention out loud. For example, "Lavender, make there be peace and gentleness between us. Rose quartz, let friendly love grow between us."

Once all of the objects are added, fill the jar with honey. If you choose not to use honey, then prepare a simple syrup by boiling water and adding sugar. When the jar is full, screw the lid on tightly. Hold it in both of your hands, and visualize it filling with a warm, pink energy. Say,

"[Enemy's name], be my enemy no more. Let only peace, respect, and friendship be between us. As I will it, it will be."

Keep the jar in a safe place.

2. Try a candle spell.

A candle spell for friendship is a bit more direct. Start with an orange candle, since orange is the color of optimism, positivity, and friendship. Remove it from its holder, and carve you and your enemy's names in the wax. Anoint it with acacia oil, and set it aside for now.

Next, take a parchment paper and write down your desire for friendship with your enemy. Fold it up, and tuck it beneath the orange candle.

Rub your hands together briskly, then hold them over the candle and petition paper. Picture them surrounded by a bubble of light. As you fill them with energy, see you and your enemy as friends. Imagine how your relationship could be different, and all of the things you might do together. When you feel ready, light the candle and allow it to burn completely. If you have to leave it for any reason, snuff it and light it again when you come back.

3. Compel them.

If you cannot make friends with them, make them be your friend. Some people are wary of this form of spell because it is seen as affecting another person's free will, but it is up to you if you choose to go this route.

Start with a Do As I Say Custom Big Al candle. Anoint the top of the candle with a drop or two of Do As I Say oil. Place the candle on a fireproof surface.

In front of the candle, place a Seal of Aziabelis. Aziabel's day is Thursday and his planet is Jupiter, so, if possible, begin this spell on a Thursday during an hour ruled by Jupiter. His seal is to coerce people and attract friendship. On the reverse side of the seal, write down your desire. Be specific.

When you are prepared, light the candle. As it burns, close your eyes and try to reach out to your enemy with your mind. Visualize yourself telling them that they must release their anger and resentment, and become friends with you. Allow the candle to burn completely as long as it is safe to do so. Wear or carry the seal everywhere you go.

If you are having a hard time convincing an enemy to be friendly toward you, a little spell or ritual here and there can help. These three spells can easily be customized for any situation, and allow you to decide just how much magical "oomph" you need to get what you want. You can do one spell, or all three, depending on your needs.

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