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Spiritual Uses of Sandalwood

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Spiritual Uses of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a fragrant, magical ingredient used in everything from skincare, to incense, to oils. Its sweet, complex aroma makes it a very pleasant addition to blends for spells and rituals. Not only does it smell lovely, it has an abundance of spiritual and magical properties. If you do not usually use sandalwood, consider keeping some on hand for:


One of sandalwood's primary uses is for enhancing meditation and bringing peace to a space. If you have an area of your home that you regularly use for meditation, trances, dreamwork, or other mental pursuits, consider burning some sandalwood incense, or even burning the chips directly on charcoal in a fireproof dish.

A blend of sandalwood and acacia can help improve your psychic powers. Either combine the ingredients and burn as incense, or make an anointing oil blend with sandalwood and acacia oil in an unscented carrier oil, like sunflower or jojoba.

For dreamworkers, a mixture of sandalwood and jasmine promotes pleasant dreams.


Sandalwood has the powder to help wishes come true. Write your desire on a piece of paper, and take a long look at it. Is there a way you can condense your needs into one or two words? Shorten your desire, or use it to create a sigil. Write it on a sandalwood chip, and burn it. As it burns, visualize receiving all of the things you desire. This releases your intention, as the smoke carries it up to the divine.

Protection and Security

Chips of this wood are also used to provide protection -- specifically from the Evil Eye. Place the chips in a yellow mojo bag and carry it for protection from the jealousy of others. You can also add the chips or powder to general protection bags or herbal blends. Blending cinnamon, sandalwood, frankincense, and myrrh and burning it as incense drives away evil and protects your home.

Sandalwood is associated with the Root chakra. Burning the incense or wearing it as a perfume or cologne helps open, clear, and balance this area, helping improve feelings of security and stability.

Communicate with Angels and Good Spirits

The sweet, woody scent of sandalwood is a particular favorite of benevolent spirits. Burn sandalwood and frankincense together when you are trying to contact angels, or lavender if you want to attract good spirits. This is useful during prayer, when you are trying to communicate with angels, or before using angel oracle cards.

Luck, Gambling, and Games of Chance

Related to its wish-granting powers, sandalwood is also used to improve your luck in gambling. Burn powdered sandalwood incense and dab on sandalwood cologne before going out to a casino.

You can perform a seven-day good luck spell using sandalwood, too. Begin on a waxing moon (when the moon is increasing) by inscribing your desires around the wick of a Sandalwood Custom Scented Candle, and holding it in your hands. As you hold it, envision it filling with warm, golden light. Say...

By fire and wax, heat and light,
Bring me bright fortune on this night.
I call upon the powers of sandalwood,
Let your vibrations bring only good.

Light the candle, and let it burn down an inch. Snuff the flame. Repeat this spell every night, ending on the full moon. On the last day, fill a bath with warm, clean water. Add Sandalwood Bath & Floor Wash. Immerse yourself completely, allowing the tree's energy to mingle with and enhance your own. Step out of the tub, and allow yourself to air dry.


Because of its pleasant aroma and peaceful vibrations, sandalwood is a favorite for promoting healing. Anoint blue and white candles with sandalwood oil, and burn in sickrooms. For more power, you can also inscribe the candles with healing words or symbols, and ask your ancestors, Gods, guardian spirits, or Saint Lazarus for aid. Scattering the powder around a sickroom is a great way to help clear it of negativity, without having to use a floor wash, incense, or other tools that might disturb someone who is unwell.

Sandalwood is a beautiful wood with a deep, sweet fragrance that has captured the minds and hearts of people for millennia. You can develop a partnership with this magical ingredient through working with it, meditating with it, adding it to your incenses and herbal blends, and seeing how it works for you.

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