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Simple Energy Healing Techniques

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Simple Energy Healing Techniques

When most people hear the words "energy healing," they think of practices like reiki and the laying-on of hands. In reality, energy healing comes in an incredibly diverse array of forms. You do not even need anyone else to help you -- you can easily learn to practice energy healing for yourself and others.

As a note of caution, energy healing is not a replacement for medical attention. While it can help the physical and emotional healing process, it cannot take the place of medication. If you are sick or injured, be sure to treat the underlying problem before turning to energy healing. With that in mind, here are a few simple practices you can work on to strengthen your energy healing abilities:

1. Visualization

The easiest way to practice energy healing is through visualization. You can even do it right now, wherever you might be. Close your eyes and feel the sensations of your body. Do you have pain, tension, or other discomfort anywhere? If so, begin visualizing a healing blue light entering this area. Withe every breath, it gets brighter. Continue doing this until the discomfort begins to subside.

If visualization is tricky for you, you can pair it with candle magic. Light a blue or white candle dressed with Healing oil, and sit in front of it. Imagine the candle's warm glow entering your body and filling the places that need healing. When you are ready, snuff the candle and save it for the next time you need some help.

2. Crystal Grids

Some healers think of crystals as solidified energy. This can be a helpful way to picture them in the context of energy healing. Crystal grids use special combinations of crystals to form a connected web of energy -- each crystal's power combines with and amplifies that of the stones around it. Choose crystals that resonate with what you are trying to do. Clear quartz is a good energy amplifier and all-around stone, while rose quartz is suitable for emotional healing. Follow a crystal guide, or use your intuition to pick the best stones for you.

Setting up a grid is easy. Pick out your stones, then lay them out in a geometric pattern. This can be as simple as a circle, or as complex as a mandala or other sacred geometrical figures. (You can even find grid patterns online, print them out, and use them as a template.) Activate the grid by passing your hands over it and picturing the energy swirling and rising together. You can sit in the middle of a grid to help heal yourself, or place a picture of another person or animal in the center to help send healing over a distance.

3. Chakra Healing

The chakra system comes from Hindu Tantra. It holds that we have energetic nexuses in our bodies called chakras, and each one corresponds to a different color, mantra, area, and aspect of our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

These chakras need to be open and balanced in order for us to be at our healthiest. You can use a pendulum to detect energetic blockages, then use massage, essential oils (frankincense and lavender are good oils for general use, but each chakra resonates with specific plants), or crystals attuned to each chakra. If you like, you can also use a chakra balancing kit.

While you are anointing and massaging your chakras, or placing crystals on them, picture each energy center filling with its corresponding color: Red for the root chakra, orange for the sacral, yellow for the solar plexus, green for the heart, blue for the throat, indigo for the third eye, and purple or white for the crown. Draw this colorful energy into each chakra, and hold it there until you feel it's time to release it. Continue until your chakras are open and energy is flowing freely.

4. Using the World Around You

You can also practice energy healing using the world around you. Stand barefoot on the ground, and picture all of the tension and negative or stagnant energy in your body draining out through your feet. Sit in the sun or moonlight, and allow the bright energy clear and heal your aura. Place your hand on a tree, and concentrate on feeling the energy flowing under its bark. The more you practice feeling the energies of the ground, sun, moon, and world around you, the stronger your energy healing will become.

It can help to set up a small ritual around this practice. It can be as simple as lighting a Healing candle and meditating while focusing on a potted plant. The important thing is to sense the other energies around you, and how they interact with your own. Visualize yourself breathing healthy, cleansing energy in, and exhaling tension and stagnancy. Let the power of the Earth around you pick up this negative energy and dispose of it.

Everything is made up of atoms that constantly vibrate, and all matter is just energy condensed. The more you practice these small, simple rituals, the more adept you will become at sensing and manipulating energy. At that point, you can use crystals, oils, touch, and visualization to heal.

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