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Best Herbs and Roots For Money Magic

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Best Herbs and Roots For Money Magic

In today's world, we can all use a bit of money magic! Herbs and roots are one of the easiest ways to increase your luck and gain more prosperity. Here is a list of the most popular money drawing herbs and roots:


Alfalfa works best in combination with other money drawing herbs and roots. Carry Alfalfa in your purse or wallet and add with other money drawing herbs in a mojo bag. You can also mix alfalfa with a Money Drawing Incense and burn in your home or place of work.


Allspice can bring both luck and money into your life. To attract success and prosperity, mix allspice with our Success Incense and burn every day. Sprinkle a little allspice in all four corners of your house and office. For a more potent charm, combine with basil leaves and chamomile. 


Invite prosperity into your home by steeping basil leaves in hot water. Remove the leaves and wash the floors and walls with the water. Attract money by placing a basil leaf into your purse, wallet or cash register. 


This herb is one of the most popular for money drawing rituals. Burn our 7 Day Green Candle and sprinkle some of our Bayberry bark on top of it. As it burns it will help attract money and good fortune to your home. Keep Bayberry herb in your wallet to attract financial gain and good luck in all endeavors. Sprinkle a small handful of bayberry bark into your bath. Get into the water, and just take it easy. Sit in the water, and let the money luck from the bayberry bark soak into your skin.


Chamomile is great for gambling. Make tea with its leaves and when the water is cooled, wash your hand with it before heading to the casino. You can also do this ritual before a job interview or a business meeting. 


Cinnamon is also known as the “Sweet Money Spice” and is one the most luckiest of the money-drawing herbs, roots, and spices. Mix it with sugar and some sweet Honeysuckle Oil and sprinkle the mixture on your cash to help multiple it! Sprinkle cinnamon in your doorway, at your office, your cash register as well as your wallet or purse.


Cloves on any white or green candle and burn it to attract wealth and riches. Burn on top of charcoal or add some to your wallet.

Devil's Shoestring

Use Devil's Shoestring root to attracting a new raise or job. Carry in your pocket while seeking employment, if you are having problems at work, or if you are asking for a raise.

Five Finger Grass

Five finger grass is often added to blends for bringing in money. You can burn it on top of charcoal or carry in a red mojo bag with other money drawing herbs. hid in a potpourri or carried on your person.

Flax Seeds

To attract money, place a few  Flax Seeds in your wallet and keep it with you. It is said that a few of the Flax Seeds placed in your shoe will keep you from going broke.

Ginger Root

Ginger root is also known to improve the strength and speed of any mixture of which it is a part. Add to any money drawing spell to get amazing results fast!

Grains of Paradise

Place these grains under your pillow, in a mojo bag or in your wallet for luck in all things money related.

Irish Moss

Irish Moss is perfect for business that need to increase their sales. Place the moss in your business - under a rug, in a cash register, or over your front door. Add more strength by adding Irish Moss Oil to the moss.


Patchouli can be placed your wallet or purse to draw money. Burn to increase the success of your business.


Thyme is a very cleansing herb. Steep thyme in hot water. After cooled, strain the thyme and use the water to wash the floors and walls of your home and your business. 


Make a tea with Rue herb and sprinkle inside and outside of your house to bring in good luck and prosperity. Take a bath with cooled tea while saying: "Let this blessed herb bring health, wealth, love, and luck to me. Thank you rue, and so let it be."

Yerba Buena

In a green bag, place cinnamon, basil, and yerba buena together with a green lodestone anointed with lodestone oil. Carry it with you, especially during money making opportunities.

Remember, every successful spell and ritual starts with a clear and strong intention. Make sure to be very specific with your dreams and goals. Together with the help of herbs and roots, you can increase your bottom line and be very successful! 

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