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Lodestones for Money, Love and Success

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Lodestones for Money, Love and Success

Lodestones are an easy and potent tool for sympathetic magic. They come from natural magnetite and, like the name implies, attract and repel things just like magnets. You can use this ability to your advantage by working with lodestones to draw in money, love, luck, and whatever other blessings you seek.

Taking Care of a Lodestone

Like other magical tools, lodestones need proper care. Some people prefer not to use theirs for more than one spell, and bury them or leave them in an undisturbed natural area when they are done. People who choose to re-use their stones cleanse them using the smoke from cleansing herbs, or alcohol (like rum or whiskey). Water cleansing is not recommended, since it can cause the lodestone to rust.

Lodestones should be "fed" regularly using iron filings or magnetic sand. This keeps blessings flowing to you, and also helps you see if your stone is still magnetic. A lodestone typically will not lose its magnetic powers on its own, but dropping or knocking it around can cause it to do so. Keep your lodestone in a safe place!

Setting a Money-Drawing Bowl

Start by finding a proper vessel for this spell, like a plate, bowl, or saucer. Clean it well, and pass it through the smoke of some Money Drawing Incense. Place the bowl in a safe place where you will pass by it often.

Next, write your desire on a small piece of paper. Be as specific as possible. When you are ready, anoint it with a drop of Lodestone Oil, fold it up, and place it in your vessel.

Fill your vessel with roots, herbs, and curios related to wealth and luck. You might wish to add a piece of pyrite, aventurine, citrine, a lucky hand root, High John the Conqueror root, five finger grass, or any of your favorite money ingredients. Add a few dollar bills and coins, but be sure not to remove them after placing them in the vessel.

Finally, rub a single lodestone with some Lodestone Sachet Powder. Place it in the middle of your vessel, on top of the petition paper. Instruct it on what you would like it to do for you. Remember to keep your lodestone fed every week, and it will keep drawing in luck and prosperity.

Lodestones for Love

Lodestones are commonly sold in pairs -- one male, one female. The round ones are considered female, while the longer ones are male. For this spell, you will want one stone to represent yourself, and another to represent your desired partner. It is okay if you are not a male and a female, you can either decide which stone best represents you and your partner, or work with two male or two female stones.

Begin with the lodestone that you have chosen to represent you. Anoint it with a drop of Come to Me Oil, and feed it with iron filings. Anoint the other stone with Fire of Love Oil, and feed it as well.

Next, carve or write you and your desired partner's names on the base of a red 7 Knob Candle. (If you do not have a specific potential partner in mind, you can write "my true love" instead.) Place it in a fireproof dish, and place one of the lodestones on either side of it.

On the first night, light the candle. Allow it to burn through one knob, and move the lodestones slightly closer to each other. Repeat this for seven consecutive nights, until the lodestones are magnetically drawn together. When this happens, feed the pair of lodestones and place them in a red mojo bag along with a pinch of dill seed. To bind the spell to you, you should also add a lock of your hair, as well as either a lock of your desired partner's hair, a photo of them, a slip of paper with their name written on it, or a list of your ideal partner's traits. Dress the bag with Come to Me Oil, and carry it with you.

Magnetically Attract Success

Lodestones can also draw opportunities and success to you. Prepare yourself and your home by giving your house a thorough decluttering and mopping with Lodestone Bath & Floor Wash. You can also use this to prepare a spiritual bath, and soak in it to take in the attraction powers of the lodestone.

When you have done this, light some Lodestone Incense and carry it through your home, fanning the smoke to ensure that it reaches all of the corners of each room. Fan the smoke over yourself, as well.

Next, dress a pair of gold lodestones with Lodestone Oil. Feed them with gold magnetic sand, and carry them in a gold mojo bag. Remember to feed them regularly, and anoint them with another drop of Lodestone Oil before returning them to the bag.

Lodestones are rare -- only magnetite can form lodestones, and not all magnetite is magnetic. They are also powerful tools worthy of respect. If you are fortunate enough to have a pair, feed them and take care of them well. As long as they are magnetic, they can continue to attract all kinds of good things into your life.

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