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Calling On The Powers of The Divino Niño

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Calling On The Powers of The Divino Niño

The Divino Nino is also known as the Divine Child Jesus. Many people, even those who are not Catholic, petition him for help with luck, healing, fertility, and more. Where did he come from, and how can you connect with him?

The Origins of the Divino Niño

Jesus is the savior figure in Christianity, including Catholicism. He has been syncretized with other religious figures, or even petitioned on his own for help and blessings.

The imagery of the Divine Child Jesus comes from an old statue. It was made in the 20th century in Bogota, Colombia. The sculpture is of Jesus as a child, dressed in a pink tunic, with his arms upraised. An inscription at the base says "Yo reinaré," which means "I will reign."

The statue came from a vision by Father Giovanni Rizzo. He was from Italy but was ordered to go to a poor town in Colombia. In the early 2900s, he was overseeing the building of a church in Barranquilla. He had a vision of Jesus and saw him as a very young child, reaching out his arms and asking to come along. About thirty years later, Father Rizzo found a statue that almost exactly matched his vision in a local shop. Now, this statue is one of the most popular religious icons in the country.

The Blessings of the Divino Niño

Over the years, people have credited the image of the Divino Niño with the power to heal, enhance fertility, and send luck and blessings. Some even make pilgrimages to pray to the icon. The figure of child Jesus is said to have made Mother Angelica, who founded the Eternal World Television Network, successful at broadcasting. He is also reported to have told Sister Margaret of the Blessed Sacrament to "[a]sk all that you desire through the merits of My Holy Infancy, nothing will be refused."

Creating a Space for the Divino Niño

You do not need to travel to Colombia to ask the child Jesus for his help and blessings. You can do this by making a space for him in your heart and home. It is said that anyone can pray to him, but some choose to make a space for him to show their devotion.

To do this, make a place of honor. It can be a shelf, or a small table that you have covered with a white cloth. On this, place a statue or prayer card of the Divino Niño, as well as a glass of water. If you have room, you may also wish to place a Divino Nino prayer candle and an incense holder with incense. Change the water every day, and do not allow the altar space to become dusty or cluttered.

When you light the incense and candle, recite a short prayer to the child Jesus:

Divine Jesus,
Help me in my trouble.
Save me from my enemies.
Help me learn from my mistakes.
Comfort me when I am in pain.
Heal me from my illness.
Divine Jesus,
Love, protect, and encourage me in all things,
And when I die,
Be there to meet me.

Petitioning the Divino Niño for Luck

If you have a time when you need some extra blessings or encouragement, carry a reminder of the child Jesus with you. This can be discreet, like a bracelet or medal.

Before leaving your home, take a moment to calm and center yourself. Visualize the Divino Nino before you, sending a golden light to cover your entire body. Say the above prayer and thank him for his blessings. If you like, you can close this ritual by anointing yourself with a drop or two of Divino Nino perfume.

Asking the Divino Niño for Healing

One of the things that the image of the Divine Child Jesus is credited with is healing -- especially fertility problems. If you have a sick loved one, place a picture of that person in front of a Divino Niño candle. If you do not have a picture, write their name on a piece of paper and place it under the candle.

Light the candle, and request that the Divino Niño send healing to the sick person. This does not need to be a long, formal prayer. You can speak simply, from the heart. If it feels appropriate, you can offer to perform an act of charity in exchange. (Should you do this, do not forget to follow through!) Allow the candle to burn for as long as you are able. You can snuff the candle and re-use it to petition the Divino Niño again, or let it burn completely and dispose of the remains.

The Divine Child Jesus is a holy figure who is said to deliver blessings to whoever devotes themselves to him. While Catholics in Colombia say that the image of the Divino Niño can heal and restore fertility, people all over the world reach out to the young Jesus for luck, protection, and all kinds of blessings.

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