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Spells For Getting a Raise or Promotion at Work

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Spells For Getting a Raise or Promotion at Work

Are you feeling underappreciated at work? Maybe all of your effort gets you a pat on the back now and then, but how nice would it be to get a bigger paycheck instead? With these spells, you can add some well-deserved money to your salary.

1. A Simple Candle Spell for a Raise

Start with a gold or orange candle. You will also need something sharp to carve it with, like a pin, a knife, or a quartz point.

First, carve your name into the candle using the sharp object. Be sure to write vertically, from the top to the bottom.

Next, anoint the carving with honey, and roll the whole candle in crushed bay leaves and cinnamon. If you have some gold or green glitter, feel free to add that too.

Place the candle in a safe spot on a fireproof surface, and light it. As it burns, chant...

By leaf and bark, fire and honey,
My work is seen, and I'm given more money.
Benevolent spirits, I offer you praise,
Secure for me a handsome raise!

2. Money Potpourri for Your Workstation

If you have a desk, workstation, or other area that is specifically yours, this spell can help you get a raise. If not, do not worry -- you can still do this. Just place the bowl in the money area of your home.

Here, you want to start with juniper berries and chips of cedar wood as a base. Juniper is associated with luck, money, and the planet Jupiter, which governs increase. Cedar is also used to attract money.

Next, add more aromatic ingredients. Cloves, cinnamon, and all spice berries are good choices here. All of these help draw money, but all three also act as catalysts to help things move along more quickly. You can also add some five finger grass, or whatever other money herbs you desire.

Shake this mixture well, and stir it clockwise with your dominant hand. If it does not smell strongly enough, add some essential oil of clove or cinnamon. While you mix it, repeat the following chant:

Bark and berry, bud and wood,
Bring me a raise, so my pay is good.

Keep a little of this in a bowl near your workstation. If you cannot do that, keep it in your home. You can also burn a little bit on charcoal as a money-drawing incense.

3. A Crystal Ball and Candle Spell

Crystal balls are often used to direct a command at another person. You take the ball, and place it over a photo of your boss. The distortion of the crystal will make their face appear to move. With this in place, command your boss to give you a raise.

You can also use other tools, like a Controlling candle, incense, or oil, to add more power to this ritual. Anoint the candle with a drop of the oil and light the incense. Pass the photo of your boss through the incense smoke three times before placing the crystal ball over it.

4. A Wealth, Honor, and Promotion Talisman

Are you looking for a promotion, as well as a raise? Write your desire for a raise on the back of a M-21 Seal of Great Generation. Place it beneath a purple candle dressed with three drops of High John the Conqueror oil. Light the candle.

As it burns, repeat your request for a raise, promotion, or accolades for your work. Let the candle burn as long as you can. If you have to go away from it, snuff the flame and light it when you come back. Once the candle is spent, bury the remains near your front door. Carry or wear the paper talisman every day until you obtain what you desire.

5. A Spell to be Paid What You Are Owed

If you have been working hard, but do not seem to get compensated for your work, it is time to find a new job. In the meantime, you can use this spell to help get you fair compensation for your effort.

Dress a Pay Me What You Owe Me candle with a few drops of Pay Me oil. Write a fair wage for your work on the included parchment, and slip it under the candle. As you light the candle, say...

[Employer's name], you owe me for my time.
You are indebted to me.
Pay me what I am owed!

Allow the candle to burn completely. If you cannot do so safely, snuff it and only light it once you are able to.

Sometimes, the only way to be paid your due is to put pressure on your employer and organize with your fellow employees. Unfortunately, this is not safe or possible for everyone out there. These spells can help give you a magical leg up, so you can get the money that your boss owes you for your hard work.

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