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How To Invoke Oshun, The Goddess of Love and Sensuality

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How To Invoke Oshun, The Goddess of Love and Sensuality

Oshun is the beloved Yoruban goddess of the sweet waters, and she exudes love, sweetness, beauty, and sensuality. She has dominion over everything that flows, whether it is water, money, love, or a mother's milk. As one of the most powerful Orishas, she is also extremely dangerous if she is crossed -- if you are ready to invoke Oshun, be prepared to keep your promises to her. She does not like having her heart broken, but, if you keep your promises and make offerings to her, she can grant you the deepest desires of your soul.

Creating an Altar and Making Offerings to Oshun

Creating an altar to this deity can be very simple. You can start by clearing a space in your home, and dedicating it to her. Set it with a yellow cloth, and place an image of her in the center. This can be anything from a statue to a prayer card. You can also decorate it with her crown, a yellow or white candle and smooth river stones.

Oshun loves foods like honey, pumpkin, yams, oranges, and lemons. If you choose to offer her honey, you must taste it first -- there is a story about Oshun nearly being poisoned with tainted honey, and she may look upon it with suspicion. Other favorite offerings include mirrors, makeup, perfume, hair brushes, sunflowers, objects made of peacock feathers, and sandalwood fans. Her favorite areas are the bedroom, kitchen, and near flowing water, and it is said that performing offerings or spells in these areas gives them extra power.

You can set your altar with a yellow bowl or  sopera, place a pumpkin inside, and drizzle it with honey that you have tasted first. You can also peel an unblemished orange, and drizzle it with tasted honey and cinnamon. If you choose to give these as offerings, change them out frequently so they do not begin to rot.

If you ask Oshun for help with fertility or pregnancy, you must avoid eating squash or pumpkin. Some devotees choose to avoid these foods regardless, as a sign of respect for the goddess.

Spell for Love and Happiness

As the goddess of passion, sweetness, and love, Oshun is the perfect deity to ask for help. Place a Sweet Honey of Love/Oshun candle on your altar, before her image. Set a dish of honey in front of it. Light the candle for five days, snuffing it whenever you need to leave it unattended, and re-lighting it when you return home. As the candle burns, tell Oshun your desires out loud. Ask her for the love, passion, and happiness you desire.

A Sacred Bath for Oshun

Place an Oshun 7 Day Orisha candle on your altar, a packet of Oshun bath, and a plate for offerings. Place five oranges on the plate, peel them, and break them into five sections. Drizzle the sections with honey, and sprinkle them with cinnamon. Light the candle. Ask Oshun for what you need to flow into your life, whether it is money, love, joy, or fertility. Allow the candle to burn for five days, snuffing and re-lighting it as needed.

When the five days are through, draw a bath of fresh water. Add the Oshun bath to it, following the directions on the package. Light the incense stick, and repeat the enclosed prayer. Step into the water and immerse yourself, allowing the sweet, loving vibrations to soak into your skin. When you are ready, step out and allow yourself to air dry. Thank Oshun for her help, and dispose of the oranges and honey.

Oshun is associated with all of the best things in life: love, sweetness, and abundant, flowing blessings. Without her, humanity would not exist, for it's her sweet water that brings life to the earth. Make her offerings, show her respect, and keep your promises to her, and she will bless you with more happiness than you can imagine.

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