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Powerful Money Drawing Rituals

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Powerful Money Drawing Rituals

Who could not use more money these days? For most people, their earnings are limited -- there are only so many hours in a day, and most people have limited ways to earn extra income. That is where a little magical assistance can help. If you are strapped for cash, these powerful money drawing rituals can help:

Money-Making Candle Spell

This spell takes seven days to cast. That makes it perfect if you know you have a money-making opportunity coming up, like a potential job promotion. Even if you do not, you can still make it work -- just begin the spell on a Thursday during a waxing moon.

Before you start, you may wish to prepare your environment to receive the money you will be drawing in. Declutter and clean your house, then give it a good mopping with Don Dinero Bath & Floor Wash. In the heart of your home, set up an altar with coins, greenery, and symbols of abundance. In the center, place a Don Dinero candle and some Mr. Money incense.

On the first day, light the incense and candle. While they burn, picture yourself receiving all of the money you need. Say...

With this smoke and with this fire,
I get all the cash I desire.

When the incense is finished, snuff the candle.

Repeat on the second day, saying...

With this incense and this flame,
My funds will grow again and again.

Repeat on the third, saying...

Incense smolder, candle burn,
Increase the money that I earn.

Continue for six days, repeating the chants on each day as you burn the candle and a fresh stick of incense. On the seventh day, allow the candle to burn away completely. Say...

By this incense and this candle,
I get all the money I can handle.
So it must be.

Dispose of the candle's remains by burying them near your front door. This will attract abundance to your home.

Money Drawing Feng Shui Cure

While not exactly a spell, the practice of feng shui has multiple ways to help your home or business get and keep more money. One of the most important is to keep your toilet lids closed -- if it is left open, it symbolizes "flushing away" your money and resources. Here are some other ways to use feng shui to bring more wealth to you:

  • Place a Feng Shui Money Tree with Peony Seeds in the southwest corner of your home or office. This is the money area.
  • Grow live plants. Money tree (Pachira aquatica) and jade plant (Crassula ovata) are two popular choices for attracting wealth.
  • Keep an aquarium. They combine several money-drawing factors.
  • Decorate with citrine or pyrite. These gemstones are known as potent prosperity charms in multiple cultures.

You can combine these cures with ritual. Infuse your regular cleaning and decluttering with the intention of making space for more abundance in your life. Light a Money Drawing candle or some Money Drawing incense while you do so, and express gratitude for all of the blessings you have already received.

Bring Money to Your Door

The front door is very magically significant. You have probably heard of ways to increase the "curb appeal" of your home to make it more inviting to visitors. Picture the energies of prosperity and abundance as visitors that you want to entice. Disposing of the remains of attraction spells is also generally done near the front door, in order to symbolically draw the desired outcome home. So, get ready for a front door makeover!

First, make sure your door is completely unobstructed. If there are objects in front of or behind it, this restricts the easy flow of energy. It should be able to swing open freely and completely. According to Frater U∴D∴'s book Money Magic, money should be aligned with the element of air. Being able to open your door completely to let in a breeze is an important gesture for drawing in prosperity.

Next, wash your door with an infusion of mint, cloves, cinnamon, and a bay leaf in fresh water. Boil the herbs in the water, allow the mixture to cool, and strain out the leaves. Dip a new sponge in the cooled liquid, and wipe down the entire door, front to back.

After the door has dried, open it wide. Step into the doorway, and say...

Every day, in every way, I invite endless prosperity into my life.

The ability to create abundance is one of the most sought-after and valuable powers there is. With these rituals, you will be able to increase your ability to attract prosperity into your life and home.

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