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Five Saints to Call Upon In Times Of Financial Need

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Five Saints to Call Upon In Times Of Financial Need

In Catholicism, saints intercede on the behalf of believers to bring them the blessings they need. Many saints are associated with deities of other religions as well, so you do not have to be Catholic in order to ask for their help. In times of financial struggle, there are five saints you can call on to help you find relief.

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph was Jesus' stepfather. He is the patron saint of fathers, and, as a hardworking carpenter, of workers as well. He provided for Jesus and his mother, Mary, and was a devoted and hardworking husband even in times of crisis.

If you are currently under- or unemployed, light a candle to Saint Joseph. If you are currently looking for a job, wear a Saint Joseph bracelet when you search. Pray...

Dear Saint Joseph,
Help and guide me in supporting my family in this time of need,
as you supported Mary and Jesus.
Help lift the financial anxiety from my heart,
so I emerge from this money trouble whole, happy, and with abundant blessings.

Saint Anthony

Saint Anthony preached with such passion, he was able to convert even the most hard-hearted. Many people have received miracles after asking him to intercede on their behalf. As Saint Anthony was able to help people find God, he can also be asked to find lost objects -- including lost wages.

Anoint a white Saint Anthony candle with a few drops of Saint Anthony oil, and light it as you pray. You can pray however you like, or follow this short prayer...

Blessed Saint Anthony,
finder of the lost, and carer for the afflicted.
Please beseech God to help me find a good job,
one that will allow me to care for my family
while allowing me to be in service to others.
Saint Anthony, pray for me.

Saint Jude

Saint Jude is the patron saint of hopeless causes and impossible tasks. Call on him whenever you are in need of hope, or your struggles seem like they are not getting you anywhere.

If you are in urgent need of financial help, light a green Saint Jude candle anointed with a few drops of Saint Jude oil, or dressed with Saint Jude powder. If you find yourself going out into the world to o what feels impossible, pray over a Saint Jude medal. Wear this medal on you, and ask for the saint's help whenever you need it...

Most holy Saint Jude,
you are held as the patron saint of hope.
Come to my aid and intercede for me,
that I may find relief from (state your problem here).
I will be ever mindful of your help, and honor you as my special patron.

Saint Peter

Saint Peter is best known for denying Jesus three times, and eventually being made the first Pope of the Catholic church. He is also the patron saint of fishermen, netmakers, locksmiths, and shoemakers. Since he holds the "keys of heaven," many people pray to him to unlock the doors to their desires.

If you own a business, light a red Saint Peter candle and pray for success. To open the road to luck and prosperity, wear a Saint Peter key charm or Saint Peter medal. Whenever you are in need, pray:

Oh Holy Apostle,
who holds the keys of heaven.
Intercede on my behalf and obtain for me
patience, hope, humility, and diligence.
Come to my aid, and unlock the door to my success,
that I might use my success to care for others.

Saint Expedito

Saint Expedito was a Roman centurion who won Jesus' cape in a game of chance. People ask for his intercession for protection, quick solutions, or luck in gambling.

If you are looking to draw in money or have more luck gambling, wear San Expedito cologne. For added luck, anoint a Saint Expedito candle with Saint Expedito oil, and pray...

Saint Expedito.
I have faith and trust that you will help me in my time of financial need.
Quickly, come to my aid with (state your need)
that I may live with peace, prosperity, and love.
Do this for me, and I will (promise him a specific offering).

Money woes can bring a lot of stress, but you do not have to struggle alone. You can ask any of these saints for help, and rest assured that they will do their best to improve your situation.

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