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The 5 Best Ways to Remove A Hex

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5 Best Ways to Remove A Hex

There are a million different ways to lay a hex on someone. There are powders, candle spells, poppet and doll magic, even just directing negative energy their way. It is also possible to feel the effects of a crossed condition even if nobody else has hexed you -- if you feel like you have been jinxed, it can affect you just like an actual spell. Luckily, there are as many ways to remove a hex as there are to place one.

Some uncrossing rituals are long and complicated, but that is not always necessary. Here are five of the easiest, best ways to completely remove a jinx:

1. Take a bath (or thirteen).

A ritual bath is one of the best ways to send back malevolent magic. Just take a regular bath or shower, scrubbing yourself clean as you normally would. Then, fill your bath (or a basin, if you only have a shower). Add your choice of hex-removing bath, like Condition Bath Salt, Jinx-Removing Bath Salt, or Uncrossing Herb Bath. Get in the water and sit, picturing it completely removing all of the effects of the curse. When you are done, allow yourself to air dry, and dispose of the water by throwing some of it over your left shoulder, toward the rising sun. You can also make your own bath by combining sea salt, with rosemary or other cleansing, hex-breaking herbs.

For some stubborn curses, you may need to repeat this. Repeating the bath for three, seven, or thirteen days is common.

2. Use a lemon.

Lemons are not only able to remove a curse, they can tell you when it is truly gone. To do this, take a whole, fresh lemon, and cut it into halves. Sprinkle each half generously with sea salt. Then, move each half over your body, a few inches from your skin. As you do this, picture the lemon drawing out all of the evil energy of the curse. After that, set the lemon in a safe place (or your altar, if you have one). Check on it for the next few days. If it begins to dry out, it was able to remove the curse. If it begins to get moldy, repeat using a fresh lemon.

3. Wash it away.

Your home can be targeted by dark magic, too. If you feel you have been hexed, the first thing you should do is look around for any powders, jars, or other signs that someone has tried to work a curse on your home. If you find any, destroy them. Then, open all of your windows, sweep or vacuum your house completely, and then mop it from back to front using a good curse-breaking floor wash.

4. Smoke it out.

Some weak evil magic can be sent away on smoke. You can burn blue sage, mugwort, or sweetgrass in a fireproof dish or abalone shell, and stand where the smoke can blow over you (you may also carry it through your house, to cleanse your home). The negative energy will be carried away on the smoke. You can also use a selenite wand to help pull the dark energy away while you do this. Either sweep it over yourself a few inches above your skin, or sweep it over the walls and corners of your home, to cleanse the curse away.

5. Burn it away.

Candle spells are simple, but effective. They can store whatever energy you want inside of them, and either release it or destroy it. To remove a curse or crossed condition, set up a safe place where a candle can burn for awhile. Then, take your choice of candle -- a Hoo Doo Pillar Candle, a 7 Day Candle, or a Spell Breaker Candle -- and dress it with jinx-removing oil. Hold the candle in your hands, and picture the curse's energy being absorbed and destroyed. Light the candle, and allow it to burn. As the candle shrinks, the curse's power will weaken until it is gone. Bury the remains of the candle far away from your home.

Not every bit of bad luck is a curse, but it is still a good idea to know how to break one when one comes along. These hex-breaking spells are simple, inexpensive, and can be performed by anyone, at any time. Use them whenever you feel like someone may have placed a jinx on you, and continue on your path to happiness and prosperity.

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