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Tips to Increase Magic Power

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Tips to increase Magic Power

When it comes to getting what you want from your spells and rituals, performing them correctly is only half of the battle. Even if you have the right candles, herbs, and other tools, it helps to be able to add a little more "oomph" to your workings. If you are looking for ways to increase your magic power and perform spells that really work, try following some of these tips:

Personalize your spells.

Being able to follow a spell from a book is good, but most spells are much more effective if you can personalize them a little. Do not feel like you have to be bound exactly to the instructions -- learn why certain ingredients are used, then add your personal touches. Many magic practitoners have "personal power herbs" or oils that they add to spells, incenses, jars, or mixtures to really make them their own. If you have not found the right power herb for you, experiment with a few and see which resonates with you.

Try playing with balm of gilead buds (great for love spells), bay leaves, benzoin resin, cloves, or dragon's blood, to name a few. Keep a journal, and note what kind of effects your experiments have.

Emphasize your intention.

A strong intention is ninety percent of a spell's success, so it is very helpful to emphasize what you want the spell to do in every way you can. White candles are great all-purpose candles, since white encompasses every other color, but choosing a color that aligns with your desire is better. Instead of just chanting, also write your intention down on a piece of parchment and add it to your spell. Create a sigil out of your desire. Carve your intention into a candle before you light it. The more you do to reinforce what you want to achieve, the more likely you are to succeed. Go big, or go home!

Start working with clear quartz.

Clear quartz is often overlooked in favor of its brighter, more colorful cousins, but it is virtually indispensable as a magical tool. Like white candles, its lack of color makes it an all-purpose crystal. Even if you choose to use crystals that are more closely aligned with your intention, it helps to use a clear quartz alongside them. The natural shape of a quartz point is great for concentrating and directing power. It is also said to enhance the power of any spells it is used in. Find a good, large quartz point, and keep it on your altar to lend power to your workings.

Engage your senses.

A significant part of magic is creating the right atmosphere -- practitioners light candles and burn incense in part because these things set the ritual area apart from the mundane world. If you feel like you are in a magical space, you, and the energies around you, will act like you are in a magical space. So, to boost the power of your spells, engage all of your senses. Have special clothing that you only wear for rituals (or, if you prefer, wear nothing at all), especially if it is a pleasing material. Have a nice bottle of alcohol or fancy tea for offerings and libations. Use incense to perfume the air. Turn off the lights, and light candles. Put on some music that sounds magical to you. The more you to do get in the right headspace, the more power you will be able to call up.

Above all... Practice!

Magic is like a muscle. Everyone has the ability to use it, and it grows stronger with use. The more you perform spells and rituals, the more attuned you will be to all of the ways you can direct your power, and the more knowledge you will have about what works and what does not. Keep a notebook handy when you work, so you can write down exactly what you did, what happened during the spell, and how things turned out a week later, a month later, and so on. This is the best way to increase your personal magic power.

Performing powerful, effective spells and rituals is something that comes with time and effort. By adding your personal touch to everything you do, emphasizing your intention, working with tools that specifically boost magic power, engaging all of your senses, and practicing regularly, you will be able to use your magic power to bring your desires to you.

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