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Clusters, Points, Wands & Pendulums

  • The Aura Energy Generator features the use of extensive vibration of the natural crystal and its properties to radiate vibrant Spiritual Energy. It is an excellent metaphysical and spiritual healing tool.

Place this Aura Energy Generator in you living room, bedroom, study room, office desk and you place of meditation and experience the flow of Aura energy.

The Aura Energy Generators are quite popular for radiating its aura around into its enviornment. There are natural Crystals involve in the aura energy generators that comes directly from the mother nature which makes it quite powerful tool.

Various stones are used for each of the Chakra aura generators.

  • Set of 10 Orgonite Pendulums

  • Orgone 7 Chakra Pyramid Set with Box

  • Desert Rose

  • Amethyst Points

  • Amethyst Points Large

  • Amethyst Clusters

  • Citrine Points

  • Large Citrine Cluster

  • Dragon Blood Gemstone Pendulum with Chain

  • Lapis Pendulum

  • Amethyst Pendulum

  • Rose Quartz Pendulum

  • Black Tourmaline Pendulum

  • Tiger Eye Pendulum