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Fresh Prodigiosa Plant

This herb is widly used in Lucumi/Santeria/Ifa and other religious sects like Voodoo. In Spanish Prodigiosa is also known as Siempre Viva, Yerba Bruja, Inmortal, Flor de Aire, Hoja de Aire, and Hoja Bruja. In other parts of the world the names go from Love Leaf, Mystical Caribbean in North America, to Never Die or Armapoi in India, FŽy Lougarou in Haiti, and even Õuora Wayra in Perœu, such is the popularity and regionalization that it has acquired. Some people say that if you write the name of a person you love and then place a leaf of Prodigiosa over it, love will grow as well. The use of Prodigiosa in Santeria is associated with both Elegu‡ and Obatal‡ and it is one of the four main plants that go to the creation of omiero. In a bath this can bring much calmness to your soul. Take the leaf when you have a stressed mind and place one leaf on your head and cover with a white handkerchief.

  • Prepare this spiritual bath by steeping the herbs in boiling water for 10 minutes, strain the mixture, let the liquid cool, and pour it over the body while standing in a wash tub.
  • Sweet Herb
  • Available in 1 oz, 1/2lb or 1lb Bags



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